Harrods House Of Design Showcase – Bethan Gray & Frette

Harrods House Of Design - Bethan Gray Harrods House Of Design - Frette

Above are two very beautiful and particular dolls houses that we made specifically for Harrods House Of Design; showcased at London Design Week 2017. These two are extra special to us having been worked on by award winning Welsh designer Bethan Gray and luxury Italian and linen maker Frette. Bethan’s house was painstakingly finished by hand using solid brass and maple veneers for this stunning deep green finish, and meticulously decorated interior. Whilst Frette’s ‘Sin House’ came up with a very different take on traditional dolls house décor, using subversive glass making techniques and fixtures to complete their eye catching and artistic ‘Sin House.’ Each room representing a deadly sin.

These designs are all based off a bespoke version of our Laurels Townhouse and Basement. A luxurious London style townhouse steeped in class and history, and a collectors item that’s quintessentially British. You can purchase one of your own on our website here. And its 15% off for January.


More in depth posts about the show are coming soon. For more beautiful designs, showcases and insights into how these are made. Please keep an eye an eye on our blog.